Assembly On Books

Assembly On Books

‘Magic’ Friends! & ‘Companions’ For Life! 

Do you know these Magic Friends who never forsake us, can travel with us everywhere, always keep us good company, can keep us engaged for hours and who seem to cast a spell on us, making one forget the world around him?! Yes, dear friends, Books, that seem a rare commodity nowadays! And sadly, none of us seem to want to make ‘friends  with these ‘Treasures’  anymore. Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” How beautifully spoken!  Grades III to X ‘dedicated’ the Morning Assembly from 17th to 21st August  to the Theme Books: Treasures of Knowledge and Wisdom,’ to popularise the engaging habit of ‘Reading’ amongst the ‘NexGen’ – addicted as they are to the TV, Net, Mobiles and online games! Participants spoke eloquently about well-known authors, the importance of reading Holy scriptures like The Bible, Ramayan and The Bhagavadgeetha. Some narrated real life stories of people for whom books proved to be their best friends and only companions in life!

 Reading excerpts from favourite books, colourful, interesting PPTs about Books down the ages, quiz educating the audience on little known facts about well known authors and books, were some of the activities that regaled the audience.

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