Hum Hain Hindustaani

Is it Sasriakaal, Nomoskar, Vanakkam, Namaskaaram, Khemcho, Pranaam, Khumno (as in Meghalaya)?!…… Which is your form of Greeting? Where are you from? What is your traditional dress? Which language do you speak? What is your culture and Heritage? Lots & lots of questions and one single answer that can quieten and satisfy every single voice and doubting Thomas – “I am Indian!” What a beautiful way to celebrate ‘Indian-ness!’ And that is exactly what students of Grade IV A & B did while learning the EVS chapter ‘Unity in diversity- Land and People of Northern and Southern India’. The students dressed up as denizens of different states, traditional garb et all and greeted the viewers in the official language of the state and shared information about their culture and heritage…. an online Tableau! Laudable Ms. Lavanya Manem EVS teacher, Grade IV A & Meritable Ms. Madhuri Devi Polisetty, EVS teacher, Grade IV B deserve rich kudos for devising this Interesting, Innovative, Informative activity to foster National Unity! And this is the ultimate aim of any EVS lesson! Way to go, Ladies!

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