Trophy Distribution Day

Trophy Distribution Day

Congratulations & Celebrations!

Thursday, 21 December, 10:30am! A pleasantly cool winter morning! The perfect day and the most suitable time to celebrate the Trophy Distribution Day! A most befitting culmination to the year-long competitions that the students participated in-winning worthy points for their Houses and achieving personal laurels and accolades! It was a virtual Celebration and our respected Chairman sir, Sri P. Madhusudhan  Rao Garu, beloved Vice-chairperson Mam, Ms. Shilpa Ravi, our much loved pillar of Support, Secretary Mam, Ms. M. Rama Devi, Our beacon of guidance, Academic Director, Ms. Sashikala, Able Administrator of DSE, Ms. Reshmi, Principals, Vice-principals, and Head-mistresses of our sister concerns were all present in name and spirit, to share in our joy and add glory to the Celebration.

Illustrious CCA Head, Ms. Sharanya and her Able Assistants took us through a walk down the memory lane, letting us catch glimpses of ‘The Year That was,’ and short clippings of all the Inter- House competitions that students from Grade I to Grade X participated in. Camera Chronicles, Sculpt ‘n’ Shape, Rangoli Riot, Chuckles ‘nd’ Smiles- to name a few- were some of the competitions conducted for them. The CCA Team did a wonderful job of conducting every single event. Their perfect coordination and fine tuning was reflected in the fact that every single event organised by them went through without the slightest hiccup! Kudos to this excellent team for their diligence and efficiency!

The Programme concluded with the Grand Finale! Ms. Sharanya, CCA Head, announced the winner of the Rolling Shield amongst all the Houses! The Trophy was bagged by the Samurais! The Mentor, Ms. Joby, Samurai’s captain, Amulya, Grade X, Samurai’s  Vice-captain, Gokul, Grade IX were present in strength to accept the coveted Trophy at the hands of our competent and affectionate Secretary Mam, Ms. M. Rama Devi! Heartiest Congratulations to the proud winners for 2020-2021!

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