Telangana  Language  Day

Telangana Language Day

Telangana Language Day is celebrated on 9th September every year in Telangana state, India. This date was chosen on the occasion of the renowned writer and poet of  Telangana, Sri Kaloji Narayana Rao’s 100th birth anniversary. Students participated actively in various events by reciting poems, singing songs, and giving speeches in Telugu on the importance of this day. It was a wonderful celebration in which students participated enthusiastically and spoke in the Telengana dialect. Students presented Role plays as Telugu Talli, Rani Lakshmibai etc. It was a very good opportunity for students to exhibit their talents in the regional language. It proved to be  an important occasion which enabled students to respect all Native Languages and also enabled them to understand the need to give every regional language the value and importance that it deserves. Congratulations to Ms. Geetanjali, HOD and the entire Telugu Department for their involvement  in the celebrations and for the grand success of the Day.