The Pre-primary segment of the school celebrated the Term I Open House Programme very recently. It’s a Self Assessment Programme wherein parents view and assess their wards’ performance.


The first class to be viewed were the babies of the school, the youngest students of the school, Pre-primary 1. The students did an excellent job of exhibiting all that they had learnt in English, Math and EVS under the guidance and supervision of  their Smart Mentor, Ms. Saniya. They displayed their talents in the English Language through Identification of Objects and pronounced the first letter of the object with the appropriate Phonic sound. They also read Sight words. Under Math, they participated in Pre Math concepts with Real objects, Formation of Shapes with clay, Ice cream sticks and crayon pencils.  They also displayed their  skill at  Number identification and in Counting activity. Much to their Parents’ delight, EVS activities included an introduction of ‘Myself ‘, Identification of Wild and Farm animals and sorting out and  Parts of House and Parts of Body in the form of Riddles. The Parents’ joy and delight knew no bounds at their Wards’ flawless Performance.

PP II A – performed their Assessment activities under the supervision of their agile Mentor, Ms. Aporupa. For English they had Speaking and reading skills with vowel family words (3 letter words). It was done using colourful PPTs and Real Objects. The children answered smartly   as they were tested in the concepts of ‘This’ and ‘That’ and Reading of sight words. Under Math, they had to display their skills at calling out Numbers with Number Names. Identifying Ordinal Numbers , seeing the Position & saying the Ordinal Number. They had to call out the numbers ‘Between and After’ by watching a PPT. They were also tested in an enjoyable ‘Complete the Pattern’ activity. EVS saw them Unscrambling  Parts of plants, Stating the Functions of various Sense Organs and Identifying animals shown through a PPT. The students had a most enjoyable time participating in the Open House as did the Parents, watching them!

PP II Bs enjoyed the Assessment activities set to them by their Cheerful and Hearty Mentor  Ms. Haritha.  English  Open House was divided into writing skills, speaking and reading skills. They had to Identify the picture and write the spelling (CVC words) for Writing Assessment. The students had to read sentences which were formed using Sight words. They had to fill in the blanks using ‘This is/That is’. To test them in Speaking skills they had to narrate the story, ‘Turpy Catches a Cold.’ The test in Math proved tricky  but interesting! They had to Count and Write Number Name of  the number of Almond, Rajma etc. that their Mentor called out, in their rough notebook. They were also tested in Complete the Pattern, After and Between Numbers. They had to say the Ordinal numbers after looking at the picture identifying the position of the star fish in each row. The subject of EVS saw some interesting activities. Students had to solve riddles pertaining to the Animal World. They had to identity, write and state the function of the Sense Organ shown in the flash card. They had to identify and write the name of the part of the plant shown. The students had a fantastic time participating in the Open House!


Students were also tested in language skills. They learn either Telugu or Hindi as Second Language. They  are introduced to learning the Second language at the PP II level. They were tested in writing missing letters, identifying the picture and writing the first letter of the picture, identifying the letter displayed and fetching an object related to that letter. They were also tested in narrating a Telugu or Hindi rhyme. The little ones did a splendid job and the Parents were hugely happy.                                                                              

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