Board Members

Message from the Chairman

The Chairman of the DSE Group of Institutions, Shri P. Madhusudhan Rao, has a rich repertoire of experience as an eminent educationist in the twin cities of Hyderabad. He is acclaimed for contributing to the cause of education through the many institutions that function with his support and under his able guidance.

They are:                    

  • The Secunderabad Public School, with CBSE curriculum that offers tutoring from Nursery to Senior Secondary (Class XII).
  • The St.Ann’s Group of Educational Institutions in Malkajgiri comprising a High School, a Junior College and a Degree College .

His exemplary leadership, dedication and expertise have propelled these institutions to be fore-runners in the field of education. The inspiration behind his commitment to the cause of education has been his yearning to chisel students into global citizens through quality education. He is of the firm conviction that good values, healthy attitudes and commendable behaviour are the essential traits of a sound education. Thus, all the institutions that run under his auspices lay stress on fostering these traits in students. He believes that acquisition of knowledge should go hand in hand with nurturing the character and individuality of students, thus gifting them the capacity to think independently, plan clearly and act decisively so that they become self-reliant, free-thinking, positive individuals.

Delhi School of Excellence, established in 2012, serves as yet another parameter that reflects his desire to contribute to the cause of learning. This Institution offering CBSE syllabus, has attained unmitigated success and today operates three sister concerns at Attapur, Banjara Hills and Manikonda, that one can choose to study from. These institutions symbolise his commitment towards transforming the present day generation into responsible world citizens who will think and act for  Global causes.

Message from the Vice Chairperson

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
                                                                                                                                                         – Malcolm X

It gives me immense joy and immeasurable satisfaction when I think about our brain-child, DSE, and its three branches, all of which today, are nine years experienced! These branches of DSE never fail to live up  to the fullest their Vision and Mission statements- to impart education with the global perspective so that the students become world citizens, aware of and willing to share and contribute to the alleviation of global concerns! Our students are our future and I have every confidence that they are being groomed to imbibe a culture of tolerance, understanding, justice and forgiveness.

 DSE offers the best possible environment for the healthy and holistic development of its students by providing a circumspectly planned and structured curriculum. We believe that the school Management, Parents and Students are equal partners in the learning, caring and sharing process which forms an integral part of moulding our students into conscientious and mature young citizens.

 I believe that acquisition of knowledge must lead to gaining the wisdom to ‘becoming more’- more assiduous, more progressive and more humane. I have firm conviction that with every passing year, DSE will become more diligent and better equipped  to the cause of providing education with a global flavour, willing and prepared to adopt and adapt to the variations in this constantly changing world.

Message from the Secretary

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds Hope. Hope breeds peace.

Education has changed radically over the past decade. The focus today is on imparting skills and moulding mindsets that will prepare students to be global citizens with a sound understanding of their own ethnicities and cultures. It is technology driven and with every passing day, it is becoming more and more evident that technology driven education is not only here to stay but that it will play an increasingly important part both in imparting and acquiring education.

Given this scenario, my heart fills with pride and satisfaction when I think about how the first institution of DSE was established in 2012, nine years ago, and what a remarkable journey it has been since then! Today, all three branches of DSE have carved a niche for themselves in terms of popularity, the quality of education they impart and encouragement they give to students to participate in all the ongoing activities and competitions.

DSE has become a coveted name in education circles-a fact that I note with pleasure and approval! DSE epitomizes not just my ideologies on education but also how well it symbolise the global philosophy of education that of transforming students into free-thinking, action-oriented individuals! DSE has kept pace not just with the ever-changing technology and globalization, but has done so without compromising on the culture of ethical principles that are so essential to mankind and that we, at DSE, believe in so completely and firmly! I have every conviction that DSE will traverse the onward path with the same concern, confidence and commitment.

 I wish the entire DSE family good luck in all its endeavours.