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Unsung Heroes! or A Touching Tribute​

Unsung Heroes! or A Touching Tribute Cricket Heroes and Film Heroes are passé. The Corona Pandemic has ‘Created’ ‘New Heroes’ from amongst the ‘Commoners’. Shiva Durga Sai of VI C and his thoughtful parents made a complete video to express their gratitude to people from all walks of life, who are battling the ‘Killer virus’ everyday, so that we can live in comfort. Featured in the video are Doctors, Nursing Staff, Police officers, Municipal Staff etc. But they didn’t stop there. They extended their gratitude to the Brave Soldiers guarding the borders. What a beautiful, Touching Tribute to our Unsung Heroes! Please do watch the video.



Student Leadership Program Grade IX & X

26th, 27th and 28th of August will forever be remembered by the students of Grades IX & X of DSE, Manikonda, as they visited the nearby Zilla Parishad School for Student Leadership Programme as a part of their SEWA activity. Grouped into 10 teams, each team was allotted a particular class with whom they interacted over a period of three days, where in ‘Stress Management’, ‘Public Speaking’ and ‘Health & Hygiene’ were presented in innovative ways to the children. Upon the completion of three days, the students left the ZPHS having forged new bonds and better perspective on many matters of interest. 

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Trip to Orphanage

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