We live in a fast paced, ever changing world. With working parents and nuclear families becoming the norm of the day and with gadgets ruling the roost, more and more children are finding it difficult to find someone to turn to, when they want to speak their hearts out.

Every child is unique in his own individual way. School is an amalgamation of students coming from varied cross sections of the society. In such a scenario, students may face academic problems, learning difficulties, peer pressure etc. They might not have anybody to share their anxieties and apprehensions with. This is exactly where a School Counsellor could help.

All the DSE Group of Institutions have their own full-time Counsellors to provide valuable assistance to students, whatever the level of the class. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, career and social/emotional development, ensuring that the students are prepared mentally, emotionally and academically to contribute to their own personal success and happiness, along with contributing towards constructing a healthy society for the future. This counselling will help students overcome behavioural problems, improve their time management and organizational skills, establish academic goals, resolve interpersonal problems with other students, or overcome personal problems. School counsellors working in high schools may also help students set career goals.

At times, the School Counsellor might involve the respective teachers or parents in the counselling process. Together, they could devise strategies for assisting a student with learning difficulties. The counsellor may also meet with the child’s parents to discuss ways that can help facilitate learning in the home and maximize learning outcomes. School counsellors may also interact with teachers and parents in cases concerning students with mental health issues or those with severe behavioural issues.

Our School Counsellors are friendly, understanding and patient, along with possessing the requisite academic qualifications. Once they establish a relationship with their students, they work with the students to ensure that the student is able to overcome his problem and is well on the path to progress.