The campus area of the school spans 1 acre. The school building consists of 3 floors and the ground floor accommodates the Principal and office and the Visitors Bay. Play area is spread over 0.5 acres with provision for a basketball court.



The pre - primary section is housed on the ground floor. Classes I to VIII are lodged in the first and second floors. The entire building consists of 42 spacious rooms of 500 sq feet each.  A large sports room for table tennis and chess are in the basement.

Computer Lab

Science Lab

Computer lab

The pride of the school is the state -of- the- art Computer Lab,  with comfortable seating arrangement that enable students to work in a relaxed manner. It is equipped with high configuration Lenovo systems with I3 processors, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk etc. The student-computer ratio is 1:1.


A well-equipped composite science lab caters to all three branches of subject, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Lab classes are compulsory for the senior classes. Observation, experimentation and learning through doing are a regular feature at DSE.

Math Lab

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With an aim to innovatively utilise and maximise the learning value within the school space, the HeyMath! Zone complements the teaching and learning by introducing multiple sensory experiences in an otherwise black and white world of text books and black boards, thereby making learning a hands-on activity experience for students.



The library is a silent haven for book-lovers. It is well-ventilated, neatly maintained and offers a wide variety of magazines, journals, fiction and subject books for reference. There are books on every subject of study offered in school along with interesting story books that cater to all age groups. It is equipped with over 1000 books and more will be added on a regular basis.

Music room

Music Hall

Dance room




Pre Primary Activity room

Pre primary Activity room

Dining Hall

dining hall

The Preprimary spacious play area is the most sought-after part for the students of this wing. Its slides,  play houses, basketball rings and toys act like magnets that pull the toddlers to the ‘Fun Zone’ , and the joy they seem to derive playing there is itself a treat for the heart. They learn to share, play in teams and take care of things.  Balance, coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills are developed here.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“Healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.  We are proud to state that the food served in our mess is appreciated by our students.  We serve vegetarian food. A wholesome, well balanced and nutritious food is provided to meet the needs of healthy growing children. The menu  also includes curd, salads and  fruits. The spacious dining hall can accommodate about 300 students at a time.  The wash area is hygienically maintained.  Homeroom teachers accompany students to the dining hall and dine with them thus creating a congenial atmosphere.

Art & Craft room

Multipurpose Hall

Pre primary Activity room
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