FIT India Movement

FIT India movement 2020-2021

Coordination & Concerted Moves!

As per the stipulation of the CBSE, DSE, Manikonda celebrated the “Fit India” campaign during the first and the second weeks of December, 2020. The morning Assembly time was utilised to conduct lively and enjoyable exercises for various classes on different days. Students of all grades from I to X, without exception, participated in this fun and pleasurable campaign. They involved themselves in all solemnity with yoga exercises on a few days, They jived with gay abandon to peppy music as they participated in Dance Fitness, on some other days. A few days saw all of them performing rhythmic Freehand exercises where they stretched and swung their hands together and in coordination. The girls had a blast doing the rhythmic zumba moves to animated music. All in all, it was a highly energetic, successful, fit two weeks of health-consciousness and exercise moves! Everybody opined that this exercise routine should be made an everyday ritual to boost the physical and mental health of the students, which is the ultimate aim of the CBSE! Kudos to the PT Sirs, Enterprising Mr Vishwanath, HOD, PT Dept. and Sincere Mr. Giri, Ms. Joby and Mr. Ramesh for their earnest efforts and diligence in conducting such a well orchestrated Campaign and with such excellent coordination!