Happenings 15-16

Parent Orientation Programme

A Parent Orientation meeting for the senior grades was held on 10th June 2016.

The objective was to orient parents on the principles followed at DSE along with the concept of CCE.

The programme began with Ganesha vandana.

The Principal, Mrs Hemlatha Sistla, greeted the parents, familiarized the parents with the school management members, the vision and mission statement of the institution and briefed them about the basic school rules. Thereafter, the subject teachers were introduced to the parents.

 The Vice Principal Mrs. Amruta Rao, highlighted on various aspects under Scholastic domain through a well-made PowerPoint Presentation with suitable examples wherever required, highlighting the importance of Formative Assessments.

The Head Mistress Mrs. Jasmine delivered an interactive speech on Co Scholastic domain using an informative PPT presentation. Through the PPT, she outlined the broad categories which constitute the Co-Scholastic Areas namely Values and Attitude, Life Skills, Sports, Health and Wellness and Work Education.  

The subject HODs explained the pattern of evaluation, the techniques of skill assessments used for each subject, the pattern of the paper, the weightage of marks and suggested reference books. Parents became aware of the different tools used in the assessment procedure and also learnt about the key areas in the two domains in which a child’s continuous and comprehensive evaluation is carried out.

This session created a special bond among the triangulation network of teachers, students and parents and led to a deeper understanding about the school functioning. It was great to see so many parents who took keen interest in the orientation programme.

The Principal, Mrs Hemlatha , thanked all the parents and assured that  outstanding grades could be achieved with parents support and regularity in attendance amongst students.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation : The Guiding Tool For Teachers

A CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) workshop was organized at DSE, Banjara Hills on 10th June, 2016. The facilitator was Ms. Jyothi Reddy, Director, DSE Group of Institutions. 35 Teachers from all three branches of DSE Group participated in the workshop.

Teachers were divided into 5 groups to facilitate absorption of the proceedings for the day. Key terms bringing out the nuances of CCE were discussed in detail through an activity in the first hour.

Assessment areas and patterns were explained in detail. The CCE manual was taken up in parts and discussed by the participants as a group activity.

Ice breaker activities broke the monotony from time to time.

Participants designed a formative assessment task identifying the skills ,techniques and tools for the same and presented it.

The workshop aimed at simplifying the understanding of the process and the objective was attained by the culmination of the programme. Equipped with complete information on CCE, the enthusiastic and dedicated teachers of DSE are charged to meet the challenges of the current session head on.

CCE Worksho by Ms. Jyothi Reddy , Director DSE Group

Go Green

DSE Manikonda was invited by Next Education for the Go Green campaign held on 20th Jan 2016 at Peoples Plaza, Necklace Road.

The spirit of Green India was evident in the students, as they held their placards high and shouted slogans that reverberated through the entire park. Our students from class IV came up with a soulful song on global warming and Ali of class V gave an impromptu speech on how we, as citizens of the country can contribute towards a greener India.


The very first Inter School Fest – EXPRESSIONS was hosted by DSE Manikonda on 19th Jan 2016. The three branches of Delhi School of Excellence participated and came out in flying colours.

The day commenced with the novel idea of planting a sapling by our school Academic Head Mrs. Shashi Kala, who shared a few words of wisdom and wished all the participants to give their very best.

We could see a lot of spark in the children as they were guided to the respective venues within the premises of the school.

The fest had many interesting competitions lined up for all age groups – Recitation, Ad-Zap, Vegetable Carving, Pictionary, Debate, Story Completion, Declamation and Painting. The idea behind organizing this event was to bring out the literary and artistic skills of the students. At the end of the event, we saw a winner in every participant.

Art Exhibition

Delhi School of Excellence dazzled with an array of arts and crafts displayed on 19th December 2015. Parents came pouring in to have a look at the tiny yet dexterous hands that created a range of products – creative and innovative.
The products included – Greeting cards, Wall hangings, Tissue holders made with Compact discs etc. To bring in the Christmas fervor, fairies made out of shuttle cocks, Christmas bells made of paper cups, snow men were also showcased. T-shirts with abstract fabric painting was another major attraction.
Very well done indeed!!

Blood Donation Camp

Delhi School of Excellence in collaboration with IDF, organized a blood donation camp on 12th December 15, with the underlying hope that every drop of blood donated contributes towards a precious life.

            As the team of doctors and technicians from the pediatric wing of Niloufer hospital worked methodically, while parents streamed in with great enthusiasm.

            Not to be left behind were the staff of DSE Manikonda who waited eagerly for their turn to be good samaritans. The stars of the day though, were student volunteers Likhith Reddy, Mythili, Amtul, Reem Rouf, Abbas, Pranith, Avez Siddique and Darshan Balaji  who guided and motivated parents to donate blood.

UDAAN – The First Annual Sports Meet 2015-16

There was excitement in the air. The collective heart beats of hundreds could be heard. The cheers reached a crescendo as the racers sprinted across the tracks. The first annual sports meet of Delhi School of Excellence was in full action. 

Annual Sports Day is an important event in the life of every school.  Sports themselves have a vital role in making a child sound physically as well as mentally.

Apart from commemorating victories, sports meets also aim at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to children.

Delhi School of Excellence Attapur and Manikonda recently held its First Annual Sports Day –UDAAN-in the magnificent GMC Balayogi stadium at Gachibowli. The Sports Day began with a welcome address formally welcoming the dignitaries like Chief Guest Dr. K Keshav Rao secretary general TRS and Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha, Guest of Honour Dr ARK Pillai, Founder President IDF, Sri M Lakshmikant Rao Ex Zilla Parishad Chairman, Sri P Madhusudan Rao Chairman DSE group of institutions and Smt Rama Devi Administrator. 

The sports flag was hoisted and balloons were released to symbolically inaugurate the sports day. Thereafter the sports meet was declared open by the Chief Guest.

The march past was the next event where in the students marched proudly in unison with their chin up and steps in rhythm to the drumbeats  and then solemnly pledged to uphold the spirit of true sportsmanship . The sports torch was lit and handed over to the school prefects and sports prefects who took a lap of the track and lighted the flame.

A plethora of displays were presented by the various classes showcasing their skills. The preprimary wing enthralled the audience with the uchawa fan drill and train display. Grade 1 and 2 swayed and  sashayed with the hula hoops and spread tranquility with the yoga display. Grade 3 , 4 and 5 used kites and fans as props for their displayand the Manikonda students presented an awe inspiring presentation on Vandemataram. The Grade 5 students of Attapur held the audience captive with their dazzling display of the thousand hand gold finger dance. The students also exhibited their expertise in gymnastics. The high school students presented a synchronised flags and pom pom display and an amalgamation of sports like cycling, cricket, chess, hockey, kabaddi , football etc. A grand finale depicting the theme “Udaan” was presented at the end of all events. 

The displays were interspersed with Annual Reports of both the branches and athletic events that were fiercely competed between Attapur and Manikonda , and were cheered with much gusto and lung power.  The prize winners were awarded the medals on the victory stand. The overall championship for excellence in sports was bagged by Spartans at Attapur and by Knights at Manikonda. The parents race was a big crowd puller and the parents participated enthusiastically.

The event ended with the flame being put off and the sports flag ceremonially brought down, folded and handed over to the Chairman for safekeeping. The national anthem  concluded the occasion.

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Delhi School of Excellence, Manikonda, invited the parents of classes III, IV & V to the Annual Carnival held on 19/09/2015.

The 1960’s & 1970’s were decades dedicated to peace, love and mellifluous melodies and much more, which was why a Retro theme was chosen for the carnival. Yes! Parents stepped back in time and made a splash on the dias, scorching the ramp with gorgeous outfits, songs, dialogues and speeches.

That was not all! Parents took active part in the outdoor games organized specially for them. They were overwhelmed with all the cheer from their children who motivated them to winning the competitions.

The ambience was truly carnival!


Independence Day Celebrations

Delhi School of Excellence, Manikonda celebrated the 69th Independence Day with great patriotic fervour and gaiety. The school was beautifully festooned with tricolored flags filling the air around with pride and love for the country. The programme commenced with the unfurling of the National flag by the Principal Ms. Hemlatha and Headmistress Ms. Jasmine Augustine, which was followed by the National Anthem.

The Cultural programme included various patriotic songs and dances performed by the students of grade V to IX, speeches given by Nikunj of Grade VI and Head-girl Mythili on the significance of the day were very inspiring.

The programme concluded to the resounding chant of Vande Mataram and Jai Hind!!

Independence Day

PRAKRITI – Save Mother Earth with Love

The ‘World Nature Conservation Day was celebrated on July 28th 2015’ in the school premises. The celebration ‘PRAKRITI’ saw the students exhibiting models and projects which promoted the concept of a sustainable world.

Being inaugurated by Shri P. Madhusudhan Rao, the Chairman- DSE Group of Institutions, ‘Prakriti’ began with the rendition of a melodious song dedicated to our beautiful planet. The joy of the Vice Chairperson Ms. Shilpa Ravi and the Secretary Ms. Rama Devi, DSE Group, knew no bounds as they got captivated by the very mature and innovative thoughts expressed by the students for making the world a better place. Keeping the theme as ‘Sustainability, Conservation and Wild life’, Interschool Quiz and Debate competitions were also organized. The closing ceremony was graced by Ms. Farida Tampal, the South Zone Director, WWF.

The Principal Ms. Hemalatha and the Head Mistress Ms. Jasmine thanked the Dhruvansh, an NGO dedicated to promoting environmental awareness for being a part of the event. She also congratulated the entire staff for organizing the event skill fully and successfully.    

World Nature Conservation Day

Fun Day! Fiesta of Happiness

The Crowning Moment for the month of July dawned on the 4th of July 2015 as the Parents of students studying in grades I & II gathered in the school play ground to be a part of ‘Fiesta’.

They came, played, cheered, clapped and cried with excitement and with smiles on their faces participated in the ‘Roti Making Competition’, ‘Peep-hole in a biscuit’, ‘bursting the balloons’ and many other fun games. They sportively participated in all events and said that for one day they went back in time to their school days.

After eliciting a promise from the school that there would be many more such events the parents dispersed.

Fun Day! Fiesta of Happiness

Parent Orientation

“A positive beginning can go a long way to a successful year ahead”.
A well designed and extensive Parent Orientation Programme was organized at Delhi School of Excellence, Manikonda on 20th June 2015, with the main focus on the CCE pattern and general guidelines to be followed in the school.
It was a great opportunity for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip themselves for it.
The interactive session with the Pre Primary teachers was insightful, as they discussed their teaching methodologies and techniques to help the children develop quality work habits and school routine. Practical classroom scenarios were narrated to help parents understand the classroom environment better. During the session, the Principal and Headmistress shared details on the extension of the use of technology beyond the classroom to allow parents to access school information from the convenience of their mobiles.
The Orientation Programme concluded on a successful note with positive feedback from parents

Parent Orientation

Investiture Ceremony

Getting the hang of democratic processes

Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life.”

The month of June had its fair share of competitions, activities and buzz of events. But the crowning moment of June arrived in the form of the first major event any school celebrates – The Investiture Ceremony’. At DSE, the School Leaders were invested on 30th June,  2015

Students were exposed to the various election processes — nominations, selections of symbol, motto, manifesto, scrutiny, selection of eligible candidates and campaign — during the election of members to the new student council. These election processes reflected the democratic way of working of our country.

Dr. Atul Sen, Scientist Grade G, DRDL, presided over the function and applauded the school for encouraging the development of soft skills in children.

As the school flag and House flags soared high in the sky, the pride on the faces of the newly appointed leaders and the staff of DSE was seen evident.

Investiture Ceremony

World Health Day

World Health Day- Working together for good health…

At DSE, we believe in adding a little bit of meaningful colour to the already colourful month of April, hence the celebration –‘World Health Day’.

Starting with the new academic session on a healthy note, the students organized a special assembly on April 7th on the theme ‘Food Safety, Healthy Eating and Living’. All the students in one voice promised to develop healthy habits thereby setting up the tone for the new session 2015-16.

World Health Day