Happennings 16-17

Fare Well

Republic Day (26th of January) is a special day for India, celebrated annually as a National Festival all over India to commemorate and honor the day when the Constitution of India came into force (26 January 1950) as the governing document of India.

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) along with Road Safety Club, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and Telangana Motor Vehicles Inspectors Association invited DSE Manikonda to take part in the massive Road Safety Awareness Program – 28th National Road Safety Week (17th – 23rd January)

The School always has a proactive approach in participating in events that promote national interest. Students of all grades took part enthusiastically in several activities specially designed to spread awareness about road safety among the children as well as the general public.

Following are some highlights of the week:-

The students of grade I and II took part in the Poster Making Competition, the theme being Traffic signs and symbols. It was a day that showcased how the tiny hands could be dexterous in creating Traffic sign charts that seemed as if a seasoned professional has done them.

Students of grade III, IV and V were at their creative best with the Slogan Writing Competition on Road Safety that targeted towards reminding people on how to drive safely.

With the main objective being safety for all on the roads and to unleash the concern, the students of grade VI and VII took a conscious effort to enlighten and sensitize the commuters that Road Safety should be the way of life. They took permission from the Head Constable, Mr. Reddy, Traffic Police Station, Madhapur and held a campaign against unsafe methods adopted by commuters. They stopped motorists and pedestrians, to explain the importance of Road Safety and distributed pamphlets with safety measures written on them.

The students’ campaign was very successful and much to their delight they were congratulated by the passersby and by the Traffic Head Constable.

Essay writing teaches the students to analyze and promotes critical thinking. It is important for students to recognize the crucial role Road Safety plays in their daily lives. Class VIII and IX students participated in an Essay writing competition. Their zeal to support the cause was evident in the way they prepared for the campaign.


DSE, Manikonda, celebrated their Academic Fair titled “Quantum Leap” on the 7th of January 2017. As one entered the reception area, one could feel the pulse and the magnitude of the event. The entire school was abuzz with activity. The fair, which was an integration of Science, along with English, Hindi, Telugu, Social Studies and Mathematics, challenged students to expand their knowledge. Both the parents and the teachers were impressed by the quality of work and ingenuity displayed by the students. The teachers were delighted to see the performance of all the participants. The Chief Guest of the day Mr. A. Maruthi Sriram, a noted Scientist and the Management of the school commented that the celebration showed a great learning experience as children came together as a community and proved their learning, showing that they all were winners and that they were growing in confidence and understanding in exhibiting their projects. The school team was appreciated for putting in effort to encourage and inculcate a scientific temper amongst students. Separate venues were allotted for different subjects where the projects were displayed.

The Show was a huge success. Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed amongst students. Parents were elated to see the progress of their children in Quantum Leaps!

The 4th Annual Day Celebrations ‘ Vritaanth’ of DSE Manikonda was held on 10th December at Taramati Baradari. The theme of the event was a journey back in time, to revisit the history of India. The expedition started with the depiction of the Gurukul system and Vishnu Sharma’s Panchatantra. This entire segment was presented with aplomb by the PP section of the school. Later, the high school students held the attention of the audience with glimpses from the life of four great influential luminaries namely Ashoka, Adi Shankaracharya, Akbar and Shivaji in the form of dance ballets, skit and drama. The next segment saw the III-V graders with an electrifying performance showcasing the Indian Independence Movement. The parents were soaked in patriotic fervor after their performance. Taking the theme forward were the students of grades I and II who seamlessly portrayed the essence of India ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’.Their dances represented the different states of India and culminated with the concept of Unity in Diversity. The grand finale that left everyone asking for more unveiled the ‘Nouveau Indian’- in the form of Beat boxing and Flash Mob.

The Principal in her Annual Report acquainted the guests with the happenings and accomplishments of the School. The chief guest of the day Dr. Prithvi Yadav, Director, NMIMS, in his address, appreciated the efforts put in by everyone in bringing out such a spectacular show. He along with the Chairman Mr. Madhusudan Rao, Vice Chairperson Ms. Shilpa Ravi, Secretary Ms. Rama Devi, and Academic Director Ms. Shashi Kala released the School Newsletter and later felicitated meritorious students.

Christmas the festival of Joy and Cheer was celebrated with much fervor at DSE Manikonda. The entire school wore a festive look. All the students came in colorful dresses. The bay area was decorated with a bright and colorful Christmas Tree and a spectacular Crib. Students enacted the nativity drama and Christmas Carols were sung. Students danced to the tunes of Jingle Bells as Santa Claus made a grand entry to distribute goodies to the kids. It was a fun filled day at school.

The cultural programmes, events and activities especially for children are the main attraction of Children's day.

This event was organized especially for the grandparents. The little wonders of PP I showed the importance of grandparents by associating each letter of the word GRANDPARENTS with an adjective, like G for Great. After which the cutely dressed PP II children expressed their feeling for their grandparents through a song and dance.

Later exciting games and competitions were conducted for the students and their grandparents, like chocolate wrapping, Obstacle race & pinning the flowers in which they got a chance to play together. Prizes were given to the winners. The grandparents who attended were elated for getting a chance to relax and enjoy with their grandchildren.

Aqua Week was celebrated from 26th to 29th of September. Various activities were organized for all grades to bring out the importance of Water Conservation.

A Family day was organized to bring together grandparents, parents and the children to school and enjoy.

It started with a prayer song followed by the cultural programs performed by the tiny tots. Exciting Games and competitions like Musical chairs, Quick Collector &Master Chef were organized for all the family members wherein they got a chance to play together as a family.Prizes to the winners were given away by the Secretary Ms. Rama Devi and Academic Director Ms. Shashikala.

They reveled in the Zumba dance conducted by our dance instructor.

The parents appreciated the initiatives being taken up by the school and were glad that they got a chance to relive their childhood.

Visit to ASBP (Andhra Saraswati Balika Patashala) was one of the greatest experiences for the students of senior grades . We the students of Delhi School of Excellence, Manikonda conducted a student knowledge exchange programme for these underprivileged children by giving them some information on topics such as global warming and water conservation. As per the instructions we were given 60 minutes out of which 10 minutes was for making a good rapport with the students, 40 minutes to speak on the topic and the last 10 minutes for a questioning round. Looking at the bright faces gave us more confidence than we earlier had. These students not only have knowledge but are also updated with the current affairs. Sharing information with them was really wonderful. The smile they had before we left was heart- warming. We are now eagerly waiting for our next session with these children where we are looking forward to do much better than we did last time.


was held at DSE Manikonda on 19th August 2016 at 2:30pm.

The Preprimary students were encouraged to prepare a dish without fire like Sandwich, Bhel, Fruit chat, Salad etc.

All the participants donned chef caps and did their task like skilled and  matured Chefs. The judgment was done based on the presentation, taste and explanation given by the cooks about the dish and ingredients. The little chefs of DSE gave a tough time to the judges, with their amazing culinary and presentation skills.

Winners of PPI

Name of the Student Grade Position
Siri Sindhu PPI/ B First
Anvitha PPI/ B Second
Raga Smitha PPI/ B Third



Winners of PPII

Name of the Student Grade Position
Arpan PPII/ C First
Aarush PPII/ B Second
Akshaj PPII/ A Second
Mannat PPII/ A Third
B.Srinikha PPII/ B Third







School is a place where seeds of creativity and imagination are sowed and nurtured with care. Keeping this view in mind, a blend of cultural and art competitions were planned to bring out the oratory, artistic and creative skills of the participants. DSE Manikonda has set up a platform where students from different schools could gather and compete in a healthy atmosphere and explore their embryonic talents. This helps to make them more condent and help in their wholesome growth, which is the vision of DSE.
Diverse competitions like Group dance, Radio Show, Product Promo, Drawing and Shakespeare with a twist, gave students an entire gamut of events to either take part in or witness. Being the host school, our students did not take part in the competitions. The school invited proficient judges who gave tips and inputs to the participants.

15th august is the most important day in the history of India. On this fortunate day our country became free after many centuries. This prominent day was celebrated at Delhi School of Excellence with great zeal and enthusiasm. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the Principal, Vice Principal and the Head Mistress unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom. Sri Krishna, head boy of DSE shared his views on the significance of the day and shared some lesser known facts about India. It was followed by patriotic songs by the students. These songs awakened everyone’s feelings towards our mother land. The Head Girl, Dasigi Savitri delivered a speech in Hindi. Hemalatha Ma’am, the Principal, addressed the gathering and congratulated all the participants.

To conclude, a dance number on various melodious compilations of patriotic songs made the day very lively.

Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for the people of the country to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.

Jai Hind


Class IX  DSE Manikonda

TOEFL Seminar was held on 8th August 2016 at Delhi School of Excellence for the senior students. The seminar began with the introduction by Ms. Ayanti about TOEFL exam and what areas will be tested. It was further continued by Mr.Sarang who explained about some renowned scholarships students can accomplish by writing this exam and what credentials are required in order to gain this scholarship. A video clipping was shown on ‘Study Abroad’ which was followed by a group discussion. This discussion helped us decide about future career options. The students were then asked to visit the TOEFL BUS which is  equipped with all latest gadgets. Students were seen interacting with the resource persons and consulted about some good universities and courses offered.

Harshitha(Grade IX)

We, at DSE believe that positive parent-school communication benefits learners. Parental inclusion and involvement in school life is an incredibly important part of building a positive school culture. Parents represent a vast talent pool from which we would like to draw on for better understanding of the system from the outside.

To learn more about the school's academic/co scholastic programmes and how it is being implemented in classrooms, we invited parents to be part of the first ‘Class Connect’ programme.  The aim of ‘Classconnect’ is to have a focused discussion on classroom transactions by voicing parent’s concerns, suggestions and appreciation.  The Academic Director, Principal and Segment Head presided over the session.

It was 11th of July that Haritha Haaram programme a green drive by the government of Telangana. DSE Manikonda planned to cover the vacant area of the school by planting saplings. The Chairman of the school Shri P Madhusudan Rao, the Vice Chairperson MS Shilpa ravi and the Principal Mrs Hemlatha along with the Vice Principal and the Headmistress all stretched their hands in planting a sapling to make the flagship programme of the state government a grand success.

Students of the senior school took initiative to plant a sapling each and vowed to protect and nourish it with great care. The Principal of the school told the students that planting more saplings around vacant places would envisage an increase in the number of trees in the future to cover more geographical area. Students seemed convinced and determined to plant saplings all around their homes as well.  Together everyone pledged to plant more saplings and make this’ Green Movement’ a blockbuster. This was a true start for the “Green Week” and would flow on in enhancing a Greener Telangana.to cheer Telangana Haritha Haaram.

11th of July 2016 will remain a memorable day for DSE Manikonda as the 5th investiture ceremony was celebrated with strength and unity to inculcate leadership qualities among its students. The ceremony was held with lots of enthusiasm and gusto.
The much-awaited ceremony started with the words from the compeerer   Srinidhi  who began with confidence and quoted that “Students of today are the visionaries of tomorrow and therefore the need of being responsible human beings with leadership qualities is what is primarily required.” The dignitaries included the Chief Guest Smt Chandana Chakrabarti, the Chairman of DSE  group Shri Madhusudan Rao garu, the Vice Chairperson Ms Shilpa Ravi, Secretary Smt Rama Devi, the Director of DSE Mrs Jyothi Reddy ,the Academic Director Mrs Shashikala , the Principals  of DSE Attapur and Banjara and the Headmistress of Attapur.

The headmistress of the school Mrs Jasmine welcomed everyone and spoke on the importance of the investiture ceremony.

A motivational song was rendered by the students of the choir group with the theme “Be Good and Do Good”. The song spread the fragrance of loyalty and humanity with essence of love, hope and respect towards each other.

The drumbeats by the school band made the prefectorial council march ahead to accept the badges and the flags from the distinguished guests.

Donning the mantle of responsibilities, the newly inducted Student Body pledged to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities.

The newly elected school head boy Sammukha Srikrishna  and head girl Dasigi Savithri  impressed everyone present with their eloquent acceptance speeches.

The Principal Mrs. Hemlatha delivered a motivational speech urging the students elected to have a clear conscience while delineating their duties and also stressed on the importance of honesty, integrity & loyalty as vital qualities for positions of dignity.  She also said that each one in the school as pupils are leaders and they therefore should be able to lead towards their goals with pride and do their best. She said one should not regret in not being in the cabinet but be responsible in bringing about healthy atmosphere and independently strive to be the best thus making their Alma Mater  proud of them.

The chief guest Smt Chandana Chakrabarti  addressed the students and with her soothing voice told the students to be good followers. She stressed on the maxim of healthy competitions amongst each other. She set examples of how one can be adaptable and appreciated everyone for working unitedly towards making the day a success. She also mesmerized the crowd by going back to her days when she was chosen by her school in the prefectorial board. She specially appreciated the anchors and the school band. Her words brought the message that all should be rational in their dealings and always seek the path of truth with rationality.

“To be a true warrior one must  conquer oneself” was the theme of the cultural event. The finale was brought to the apex with a gracious dance number by the students who enthused the audience which was followed by a stupendous performance by the student council members. Jamal Fatima concluded the programme with a gracious vote of thanks on behalf of the entire student council members.

The government’s initiative of Haritha Haram- a programme of mass tree planting was also taken up on this day and the dignitaries along with the principal of the school planted saplings around the campus.

The new session commenced with anticipation among the senior students about the nominations and the elections for the student council. The nominated students wooed the young voters of the school during the morning assembly, with well-prepared speeches. The ‘E-Voting’ was conducted in a systematic and organized manner and the results were declared the next morning in the assembly. The newly elected student council thanked the students for their valuable votes and promised to take up their duties diligently.

As millions of yoga enthusiasts bent their bodies in complex postures across India in a mass yoga program to mark the second International Yoga Day, DSE manikonda also observed the day by performing various Yogasanas and breathing exercises. The Yoga instructor guided the students to perform simple asanas which would benefit the students if done regularly. The Principal Ms. Hemalatha spoke about the benefits of practicing Yoga every day and urged the students to inculcate this habit.

The day started with the highest level of energy and displayed a taste of excitement in the talent show brought out by children of classes I and II.Teamwork and discipline flooded the play areas, the bay areas and the nursery class rooms, which were the venues for the different Competitions.

The dazzled parents took pride in watching their children busy in displaying their talents which mesmerized them. Students as well as parents and teachers enjoyed the day with all the thrill and attractions. The day would remain a live memory with everyone.

Time and again the exclamation of WOW! hailed everywhere from the crowd as attractive kids voiced Poetry, Story Telling, Sloka Recitation and displayed their creative art and craft work, which they crafted before enthusiastic parents. Appreciation started pouring in when parents enjoyed the participants danced in rhythm to the music played.

DSE Manikonda once again demonstrated our belief in fostering artistic growth of the students.

A Parent Orientation meeting for the senior grades was held on 10th June 2016.The objective was to orient parents on the principles followed at DSE along with the concept of CCE.The programme began with Ganesha vandana.

The Principal, Mrs Hemlatha Sistla, greeted the parents, familiarized the parents with the school management members, the vision and mission statement of the institution and briefed them about the basic school rules. Thereafter, the subject teachers were introduced to the parents.

The Vice Principal Mrs. Amruta Rao, highlighted on various aspects under Scholastic domain through a well-made PowerPoint Presentation with suitable examples wherever required, highlighting the importance of Formative Assessments.

The Head Mistress Mrs. Jasmine delivered an interactive speech on Co Scholastic domain using an informative PPT presentation. Through the PPT, she outlined the broad categories which constitute the Co-Scholastic Areas namely Values and Attitude, Life Skills, Sports, Health and Wellness and Work Education.

The subject HODs explained the pattern of evaluation, the techniques of skill assessments used for each subject, the pattern of the paper, the weightage of marks and suggested reference books. Parents became aware of the different tools used in the assessment procedure and also learnt about the key areas in the two domains in which a child's continuous and comprehensive evaluation is carried out.

This session created a special bond among the triangulation network of teachers, students and parents and led to a deeper understanding about the school functioning. It was great to see so many parents who took keen interest in the orientation programme.

The Principal, Mrs Hemalatha , thanked all the parents and assured that  outstanding grades could be achieved with parents support and regularity in attendance amongst students.

A CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) workshop was organized at DSE, Banjara Hills on 10th June, 2016. The facilitator was Ms. Jyothi Reddy, Director, DSE Group of Institutions. 35 Teachers from all three branches of DSE Group participated in the workshop.

Teachers were divided into 5 groups to facilitate absorption of the proceedings for the day. Key terms bringing out the nuances of CCE were discussed in detail through an activity in the first hour.

Assessment areas and patterns were explained in detail. The CCE manual was taken up in parts and discussed by the participants as a group activity.Ice breaker activities broke the monotony from time to time.Participants designed a formative assessment task identifying the skills ,techniques and tools for the same and presented it.

The workshop aimed at simplifying the understanding of the process and the objective was attained by the culmination of the programme. Equipped with complete information on CCE, the enthusiastic and dedicated teachers of DSE are charged to meet the challenges of the current session head on.