Morning Assembly

Assembly 2021-2022

The morning Assembly is an enjoyable tradition at DSE, Manikonda, that nobody ignores, not even in these troublesome times when we are following online classes. Everybody has realised that the Assembly serves as the common meeting ground where one exchanges news, discusses events, meets up with friends etc. 

The Assembly ritual also instills a sense of discipline amongst the students and somehow imparts reassurance that despite the strange situation that we live in, nothing much about times or life has changed. Of course, its biggest advantage is that it serves as the ideal platform for students to showcase their talents! Students make extensive use of it and so do teachers-to make announcements, to conduct events, to organize celebrations, to conduct competitions etc.

 Apart from that, the Assembly In- charges Ms. Madhuri and Ms. Ishwari devise themes for weekly Assemblies, Special Assemblies to mark and observe special days, attributed to specific events! 

Talk about Sport Day or Yoga day or a Day assigned to the cause of the Girl-child, students observe and celebrate it with the same solemnity. There is no dearth of skills and students put their ‘best  foot forward’ in an endeavour to give their best to the celebration! Singing, music, dance, play-acting, PPT presentation etc. there are talents galore that unfold and impress. Assembly and Assembly activities break the ennui of online classes and breathe life into monotonous learning activities!  


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Morning Assemblies - The Need of the Day

At DSE, the first lesson is discipline. The arena to kick-start our day in a disciplined manner is the Morning Assembly.

Prayer is nothing but a purification of one’s mind. Noble thoughts alone can make a mind pure.

The morning assembly starts with the school song where each line is a plea for noble and greater things to come to us . . .  a prayer to the Almighty to manifest in our words and deeds.

The silent prayer or meditation for two minutes is the most fruitful and an important activity in our morning assembly. It has immense value and a right platform to begin the day with positive thoughts.

Classroom is only a cross section of the world outside and we need to integrate our knowledge with the life outside. Hence, very thought-provoking and creative class assemblies are presented during this precious time. The following schedule is being followed by all the HRTs.

Monday – Language & Literature
Tuesday – Math, Science or Sports
Wednesday – Drill or Zumba
Thursday – Patriotic song & Quiz
Friday – India and the world

Apart from these, the school emphasizes on  ‘Special Assemblies’ on exceptional days to make the students aware of the social & cultural concerns of India and the world.
One should remember that the school is a small world and the world is a very big school. Hence, News reading that is being presented every morning makes one understand what happens in the world outside before the day begins.
The pledge is to remind their duties as the citizens of the country. National anthem is sung to close the morning assembly.
The culmination of the morning assembly is the marching tune of dispersal.

Morning Assembly 2020-2021