Online Classes

We started out with trepidation in our approach and apprehension in our hearts. Today, nine months later, when we look back, it is with pride in our approach and satisfaction in our hearts! March 22nd dawned bright and clear and little did we have a clue about how the day would end! Come evening of the day, COVID-19 was already a dreaded, familiar word to everybody! The last week of March saw the onset of the online classes, a hitherto unknown, unheard of concept! Little did we know or realise, how completely it was going to rule our school schedules and not just our classroom teaching! We had started out on online classes like innocent novices and today- we are seasoned veterans. We have made ‘Adapt or Perish’ our Life-line and it has paid us rich dividends! Teachers struggled to learn computer terminology and went boldly ahead to learn and master the nuances of computers that made them experts at it! Today, we are using this expertise with the systems not just to teach lessons but to conduct exams and tests and also to correct and assess them. The plethora of activities that our online classes play host to such as Class Assemblies, Special Assemblies, Lab Activities, Yoga Classes, Celebrations, VPA Activities, Competitions, Prize Distribution Ceremonies serve as a testimony to what the school has been doing during online classes! Virtual PTMs have become the order of the day and so have accolades from grateful parents. Corona times or not, we are fast approaching the end of the academic year – one that we have put to good use. This year’s efforts reflect our ingenuity, innovation and industry! And the school Management, Teachers, Parents and students are equal partners in this venture!