Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success”.

Assembly is the first step towards team work and leadership. Morning assembly is the time when the students feel fresh, energetic and begin the day with positivity and it continues as the day progresses. We at DSE Manikonda, have specially designed the morning assembly in a way that would bring out the best in each and every student, thereby enhancing his/her confidence and morale. The morning assembly helps the students inculcate the following values and regimes.

  1. Connecting with one’s true self/God through prayer.
  2. Discipline
  3. Physical exercise.
  4. Ensuring cleanliness/personal hygiene.
  5. Public speaking skills.
  6. Patriotism

This year 2018- 2019 the assemblies have been classified into general (Class-wise) and Special assemblies.

The theme for the class assembly is ‘Nations of the World’. The theme was selected to create global awareness on education, theatre, music, lobbying nature and much more.

The Special Assemblies will focus on a theme given to each of the four houses which mark some of the significant days/events of the year 2018-2019.

Parents feedback on the information provided will be appreciated.

Good luck to the entire DSE Manikonda team for a successful year ahead!!!

A special assembly was organised for celebrating Hindi Diwas by the entire Hindi department. The students of all the classes participated and put up a very informative as well as entertaining program. The song in Hindi highlighting the importance of our National language inspired everyone along with the talk given by the tiny tots. The skit where 'Muhavare' were used had everyone's attention.

Spartans House Assembly on the occasion of World Population Day on 11/7/18.

On the occasion of World Population Day, Spartans House conducted a special assembly. The students presented few facts, skit and role play highlighting the problems faced by a growing population. The Role play had the children in splits but effectively carried the message.

A special assembly by students of grade II C was conducted on New Zealand. Children showcased various aspects of the country like culture, places to visit, famous personalities, food they eat etc. A very informative assembly was displayed by the little ones.

A special assembly by students of grade II A was conducted on France. Children showcased various aspects of the country like culture, places to visit, famous personalities, food they eat etc. A very informative assembly was displayed by the little ones.

The culture, history and important geographical features of Russia were showcased in a very entertaining and informative manner by the students of Grade X  in their morning Assembly.

They began the assembly by welcoming all the students and teachers to the new academic session. In tune with the theme for the assemblies for the Academic Session 2018-19(Countries of the world) they spoke about the important monuments of Russia including the Kremlin. A brief outline was given about the formation of Russia, previously USSR. Children witnessed a brief role play which saw important personalities of Russia, Yuri Gagarin, Putin, Maria Sharapova and Leo Tolstoy coming to life.The girls put up a beautiful dance to wrap up the assembly.

Students of grade VI C presented an assembly on United Kingdom.The theme of the assembly was to highlight the interesting facts about UK in different fields like politics, geography, books, movies, music, healthcare, food, language, economy and trade. 
In the end a comedy act was performed based on Sir Charlie Chaplin's famous barber scene, in which he played the famous screen persona of "The Tramp."
The backdrop was decorated with the national flag, animal, tree and famous quotations of J.K. Rowling and Queen Elizabeth. The silver stars, clouds and the clover leaves were also used to decorate. 

D.S.E. Manikonda is known to build Team Spirit and Healthy competition among its students and also give an opportunity for each and every student to showcase their talent.

House Assembly is a wonderful way to achieve this mission of the school.

The Spartans house set the standard by organizing the very first special assembly, the theme being- “Universal Health Coverage- Everyone; Everywhere” commemorating the World Health Day on April 7th.

The spirited Spartans put up a fantastic show spreading awareness about the World Health Organization and its objectives.

An array of school activities was displayed by students of Spartans House showing how physical, emotional and social well-being is promoted within the premises of the school.

This was followed by the pinning of Universal Health Coverage Badges to the Principal, Vice-Principal, Head-Mistress and the faculty of the school by Samaher Suhail ,the Spartans Prefect.

The solemn pledge was graciously taken by all the students and the staff of D.S.E. which was directed at thinking more deeply about the significance of health- The need of the hour.

On April 4th,2018 the students of VII B performed a special assembly on the country “IRAN”. At the starting of assembly, Kausik greeted every one present  in the  Iranian  “Farsi” language and Dhriti gave keen information on the history of Iran. Thereafter, Areeba gave information on the geography of IRAN. Some children gave interesting and important information about sports, culture, monuments, currency crops and food. The students also spoke about the ‘Irani Chai’ which is popular in India specially in Hyderabad.

Finally ,  Kausik and Unnais sang the National Anthem of Iran.

The morning sets the day and the assembly paves the way for our students to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted to the moral values and unleash their vitality.
The serene early morning hours welcomes one and all to the school campus as the premise resounds with the school prayer, followed by the pledge, thought for the day and news headlines.
The well planned assembly conducted by class VII A was based on the Nation UAE. It included a short skit and presentations on UAE which left all of us enriched about the country. The students ended the assembly by singing the UAE National Anthem.


The daily assembly provides a window of opportunity for the class that is presenting it and for the students who are witnessing it.

The students of class IX B were excited to share what they strongly felt and what was the need of the hour – ‘World Peace and Unity”.

The program opened on a note about how the World can be united by love and divided by wars. This was followed by a skit on World Leaders who contributed to World peace and a lively song on the same topic.

They concluded by informing the theme for assemblies 2018-2019- ‘Nations’, where each class gets to showcase the country they have chosen.

The main objective was for our students, who are the future citizens to understand the different countries, accept them, appreciate them and live as one Universal family.

The students of Grade IX A celebrated the World Poetry Day on 21st March as part of the special assembly. The assembly started with a pep talk by Nikhil Kallakuri, who enlightened the audience about the purpose and importance of celebrating the World Poetry Day; followed by a brief talk on the types of poetry by Varsha Vardini. Later, Mihir, Samanvitha and Vaishnavi  spoke about the Haiku, Sonnet and Limerick forms respectively. Finally, the students were encouraged to read, write and appreciate different styles of poetry!!


The Re-Opening Day of the school saw the children meeting for their Morning Assembly with a lot of anticipation. The teachers greeted all the children with a beautiful prayer and welcoming smiles on their faces which set the tone for the rest of the day. The Assembly also saw the House Mentors Ms. Asha Latha (Spartans), Ms. Umera (Trojans) , Ms. Sabita (Samurais) and Ms. Pallavi (Knights) introducing themselves as well as their House Teachers and motivating the students of their houses to put their best foot forward for the events that would unfold in the future.