DSE is a School where you could definitely find a unique culture that your child is being taken care by the Staff (both Teaching & non-teaching) in all aspects for the overall Growth of the child. I find a very interesting quality of the teachers that they talk to both child and parents personally and give continuous feedback so that the child can be prepared well in all areas like Sports , Writing & others including academic development.

Due to the proper guidance given to my son Dibyajyoti, has not only improved but also doing well. I would like to appreciate THE PRICNIPAL & ENTIRE TEACHERS who motivate and take care of the Students with their very personal touch. DSE Team including non-teaching staff is a fantastic team not only caring the Child but also contributing for the Nation Building.

I am sure the children who nurtured in DSE will definitely be good citizen of this earth.

Ajay Kumar Barik

Father of Dibyajyoti Barik (Grade – VII C)