DSE – happened to be the best choice so far for our son, Rishi!
Five years ago, like any other concerned parent, we too were worried and excited on finding a
right school for our son, who just stepped out of a play school. And here we are today,
belonging to the proud DSE fraternity.
Our son has settled well in school and enjoys being here. The most impeccable part was that
DSE has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our son to learn and develop.
Apart from academics, he loves playing cricket, chess, craftwork and painting. The school
provides numerous activities like badminton, basketball, chess, art, karate, taekwondo, music,
dance, skating and so on, encouraging students to choose their areas of interest.
Our son has improved his reading, writing & public speaking skills. We feel proud watching
him speak confidently on stage during morning assemblies and various school events. We are
glad that he developed the feelings of empathy, caring and sharing as a result of the field trips
to orphanages and rehabilitation centers. We were enthralled to see him talk about the Nawab
rule, English Bracket Clock, Aurangazeb’s Sword and so on after his visit to the Salarjung
We highly appreciate the teachers’ efforts in making learning fun and interesting. The school
conducts regular Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) which enable us to know our son’s
progress at school. ‘Thanks’ is just a small word to the entire DSE management & staff who
constantly strive for excellence in shaping our future citizens.