We Care

We Care

Extending a helping hand for the Kerala Victims

Normal life in Hyderabad was brought to a grinding halt after heavy rainfall last week. Some of the city streets resembled rivers. One such area was Dharani Nagar colony where the residents were confined to their homes for nearly three days due to unusual flooded streets. 

On 25th Sep 16, their plight was felt by Bytaru Samanvita of gradeVII and Bytaru Saaket of gradeII, both students of DSE Manikonda while watching television and they spontaneously volunteered to help by providing food and   water. Their family members responded and bought water packets, tetra packs of milk, ORS packets and buns from market. They also prepared rice and pickle to give home cooked food to the affected residents. Both of them helped their family members in making 100 packets by filling all items in each packet.

After reaching the place they found the streets with waist deep water. But that did not deter their resolve to help. They waded through the water to reach to the residents and handed over packets personally. The residents thanked them for their concern. Afterwards, the residents told media that they felt happy to see school goers coming out voluntarily to help and appreciated the parents and school for developing their social skills.

        “If you have the Power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of it.”


Caring is Doing

DSE believes in living for a cause. True to its vision, social responsibilities are an integral part of this organization and IDF (Indian Development Foundation) partners with us to sensitize the staff and students. In its Annual Grants Function, held at Jaipur recently, IDF inducted Shri P. Madhusudhan Rao (Chairman, DSE) as its patron. He has been the driving force behind the social activities that DSE takes up. It is indeed a proud moment for the DSE Group of Institutions to flourish under the aegis of a philanthropist like our Chairman. DSE will be part of many more events like this to reach out to society.

Caring is doing

Swacch Bharat – Swacch Vidyalay

In answer to the clarion call given by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, DSE took up the Swacch Bharat Swacch Vidyalay Mission and not only did they pledge to keep their school cleanbut also their neighbourhood. The children garnered the support of the citizens and parents in their endaevour.

The marathon session marched forward with military precision and the result was there for all to see.

Save Earth

Ms. Madhulika , the founder of the NGO Dhruvansh held a workshop for the students of all classes to instil in them love for nature and make them understand the significance of safe guarding our planet.

The students were educated with many proactive measures for protecting our planet earth.

Pure at Heart

Sense of charity, generosity and sharing are all values that need to be taught at a very young age. For that reason, our Pre-primary children , apparently excited and happy to be sharing goodies, visited the nearby Anganwadi to distribute clothes and sweets.

Charity begins at home . . .

Very much moved at the plight of the children of labourers, the studentswholeheartedly collected gifts, toys, sweets, clothes, books and other things that could be used judiciously by the youngsters.

The joy upon receiving the gifts so generously and innocently collected by the students was very heart- touching to say the least.

Care for the Environment

Deesians believe in showing their concern for everything passionately- be it concern for the underprivileged or aged.

Keeping the campus and its surroundings clean is a continuous mission we work towards. It is also our belief that the sense of responsibility starts early.

Care for the Aged

Let us take a moment from our busy lives and spare some time to all those who had spent a major portion of their lives taking care of us. With such noble sentiments in mind, the students at all levels contributed generously and collected clothes, provisions and other useful articles to be offered to the senior citizens.