Work Education

DSE facilitates such an avenue for the students to explore their interests and recognize their aptitude by providing them with a wide array of activities to choose from. These include, Origami, Master Chef, Pottery, Busy Hands, Photography, Meal Planning, SEWA and Value Addition.

Origami Frog

Origami Cat

Water Lily

Tulip Garden 2

Grade V - Tulip Garden 1

Bread Cheese Sandwich

Coke Float

Peanut Masala

Little Chefs

Mango Funda


Tamarind Lollipop (V)

Monaco Biscuit Chat

Dry Fruit Laddu


VI - IX Still Life Study

Grade V - Still Life Study

Mask Making

Tea Coasters Using News Papers

Block Printing Assessment

Block Printing Using Foam Sheet

Block Printing Using Thread

Block Printing Using Vegetables

Water Lily 2

Water Lily -1

Photo Manipulation

Changing the Back ground

Changing Background Task 2

Photo Editing 


Basic Angles of Photography


Introduction to Photography


Group Discussion - Planning a 3 meal course

Creamy Fruit Salad

Banana Milkshake

Pan Cakes

Italian Rolls

I am a Master Chef

Monaco Sandwich

VII & VIII Pine Apple Vanilla Smoothie

VII & VIII Chaas

Cleanliness Drive

Empathy Day

Role as a citizen of India

Self Awareness and Management

3D Origami Pea Cock

IX & X 3D Origami

VIII&VIII 3D Origami

Aluminium Foil Name Board 2

VII & VIII Aluminium Foil Wall Art Part 2

IX & X Aluminium Foil Name Board Part 1

VII & VIII Aluminium Foil Wall Art Part 1